Tech + @ 

IBM IBM Research

PARC Palo Alto Research Center

Augmented Social Cognition Blog Augmented Social Cognition Blog from PARC

Sunlight Labs Sunlight Labs, part of the Sunlight Foundation

DachisGroup DachisGroup

Mashable Mashable: The Social Media Guide

The Next Web The Next Web

TechnologyReview TechnologyReview published by MIT

Media Lab MIT Media Lab

Contents + @ 

UVA United Visual Artists

Potion Potion Design

IOP Inside Out Productions

TO DO To DO Design

imaginary forces imaginary forces

d’strict d’strict

Sensory Minds Sensory Minds

schematic schematic

Tim Hunter Design The Tim Hunter Design

Dmtr 2010

we-make-money-not-art we-make-money-not-art

Communication + @ 

Dept.of Communication Dept.of Communication, Stanford University

CIS Communication & Information Sciences, University of Hawaii

Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT), Georgetown University

Marketing Pilgrim Marketing Pilgrim by Andy Beal

Affective + 

Affective Computing Affective Computing at MIT Media Lab

The CHIMe Lab the Communication Between Humans and Interactive Media Lab at Stanford University

Authentic Happiness Positive Psychology Center at University of Pennsylvania

Bio + 

Biorobotics Laboratory Biorobotics Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University

Computational Synthesis Lab Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL

RoMeLa Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory,Virginia Tech




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